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Flavored CBD Oil for Great-tasting Edible Products

By Editor

Ever taste a home-grown pot or CBD brownies? It smells like compost, tastes like sweet dirt, and oftentimes has a wicked aftertaste. Unless this is what you desire, most everyone agrees that cannabis has a flavor challenge. The holy grail is flavored CBD oil and Green Forest Brand leapfrogs the issue through cutting-edge technology. When…

The Mouthfeel: Why it is a Key Component of Food & Beverage

By Director

The Mouthfeel Enhances the Experience of Food & Beverage Why do we love crunching bacon? Why is it so satisfying? Why is fizz-less soda such a disappointment to drink, and why is flat beer so unappealing to the palate? The mouthfeel of food and beverages has a part of the answer. Our sense of taste…

Water Soluble CBD Recipe for CPG Companies

By Director

Water Soluble CBD Recipes require a technically advanced CBD powder formulation called Deeper Green™ Why is Deeper Green™ the recipe for success? Simply put, water-soluble CBD is the most effective and efficient way for a CBD product to enter the bloodstream. And Deeper Green is 95%+ bioavailable. This means that 95%+ of the CBD that is…