Water Soluble CBD Recipe for CPG Companies

Water Soluble CBD Recipes require a technically advanced CBD powder formulation called Deeper Green

Why is Deeper Green™ the recipe for success? Simply put, water-soluble CBD is the most effective and efficient way for a CBD product to enter the bloodstream.

And Deeper Green is 95%+ bioavailable. This means that 95%+ of the CBD that is consumed will enter the bloodstream. Conversely, oil provides 20% bioavailability or less.

Water Soluble CBD Recipe for Success

JASE is a single-serve powdered drink infused with Deeper Green

How To Use Water Soluble CBD in a Recipe

Using Deeper Green requires little change in the standard SOP of a CPG product. It mixes well in a liquid and powder form.

For example, a beverage company has developed a juice that contains 10 servings. And each serving required 10mg of CBD. Then each beverage would contain 100mg of CBD. And if the initial run was 1,000 beverages, then you would need 100,000mg of CBD or 100 grams. In just about any step of the manufacturing process, Deeper Green can be added.

Adding Deeper Green is an identical process when using HEMP, CBD, or THC.

Who Uses Deeper Green

The list of products using Deeper Green is long, varied, and growing. Check out a few of the CPG companies that are using the Deeper Green powder in their product offerings.

Applications include:

  • Beverage Enhancers
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Energy Drinks
  • Hydration Drinks
  • Protein powder
  • Protein bars
  • Bone broths

Explanation of How CBD is absorbed in the Body – Water-soluble CBD is different from traditional CBD in that it mixes easily with water.

CBD, by nature, is not water-soluble — it is “lipophilic” and dissolves in oil. This is because the CBD molecule actually is an oil, and as fats, oils don’t dissolve in water.

Because of this, it takes as much as an hour to reach the bloodstream. The oil needs to be broken down in the digestive tract and then distributed throughout the body.  At the end of the process, only 20% or less of the CBD in an oil state is extracted and enters the bloodstream.

About Green Forest Brand – The Green Forest Brand team provides water-soluble HEMP powder for CPG brands and water-soluble CBD powder for edible manufacturers for beverages, baked goods, and candies. We provide Deeper Green powder by weight. To talk to the Deeper Green Team, click here.