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Grow your Portfolio with HEMP & CBD  Integrated Food & Beverage

Looking to create HEMP & CBD products that taste better, deliver greater potency and improved shelf life? 


Deeper Green™ water-soluble infusion has an answer.  It is the leading cannabinoid infusion supplier.


The science team  delivers industry-leading capabilities including:

  • 95% bio-availability
  • Consistent potency & scalable
  • No taste or smell options

White Label  &

Formulation Services

  • Product Formulation
  • Research & Development
  • Packaging
  • Compliance 

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Latest updates on CBD, cannabinoids, THC, terpenes, CPG products, and enhanced infusions using leading-edge Deeper Green.

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    Green Forest Brand supplies Deeper Green™ HEMP and cannabinoid powder to CPG operators to create medicinal products.

    Deeper Green™ allows for the creation of unique cannabinoid formulations the can fine tune for a client's customerbase.

    The Deeper Green product is a true water-soluble cannabinoid and terpene infusion technology, it delivers precise doses, offers high bioavailability, and can be dialed in to be completely odorless and tasteless.

    Manufacturers enjoy using Deeper Green™ because it is easy to use and doesn’t require special handling in order to infuse a product.

    Our team lead is a Ph. D. research scientist with team members including industry experts and formulation experts.