Flavored CBD Oil for Great-tasting Edible Products

Ever taste a home-grown pot or CBD brownies? It smells like compost, tastes like sweet dirt, and oftentimes has a wicked aftertaste. Unless this is what you desire, most everyone agrees that cannabis has a flavor challenge. The holy grail is flavored CBD oil and Green Forest Brand leapfrogs the issue through cutting-edge technology.

When consuming an edible from THC, CBD, or any number of cannabinoids, the bitter, earthy, and pungent flavor profile is not particularly well-loved by the masses.

This is the reason that operators will spend significant time and effort on covering up the natural flavors of cannabis in confections, gummies, and beverages.

Flavored CBD Oil

Flavored CBD Oil

Even so, it’s not unusual for the industry to produce sub-quality products as it relates to taste and smell. They haven’t spent time like CPG companies working on the mouthfeel, visual presentation, texture, smell, and taste.

An Answer to Taste & Smell

The problem is in the oil. Oil is difficult to dose consistently when a CPG company begins to scale their edible. As noted above, it has smell and taste issues. It also can have shelf stability and absorption issues.

The answer: Green Forest Brand offers water-soluble CBD powder called Deeper Green™. Deeper Green provides a host of benefits to the operator including:

  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Scalable
  • Fast acting

NOTE: The flavors of the finished products are not adulterated by the Deeper Green infusion.

Flavored CBD Oil

Deeper Green Provides Quality Infused CBD

Developed for CPG Companies

Deeper Green™ is an infusion product that requires no additional manufacturing equipment. The infusion ingredient will evenly distribute and dissolve into the final product.

The Deeper Green process is an effective business-to-business solution for hemp-infused drinks, baked goods, and candies.

CBD has become “the” well-known hemp extract. 43% of US consumers have either tried or are interested in trying food and drinks that contain CBD as a functional ingredient, according to a survey from FONA International. Research indicated consumers are looking for CBD to address pain relief, anti-inflammatory activity, anxiety reduction, and beauty enhancement.




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