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Developed for CPG Companies

Deeper Green™ is an infusion product that requires no additional manufacturing equipment. The infusion ingredient will evenly distribute and dissolve into the final product.

The Deeper Green™ process is an effective business-to-business solution for hemp-infused drinks, baked goods, and candies.

CBD has become the well-known hemp extract. 43% of US consumers have either tried or are interested in trying food and drinks that contain CBD as a functional ingredient, according to a survey from FONA International. Research indicated consumers are looking for CBD to address pain relief, anti-inflammatory activity, anxiety reduction and beauty enhancement.

Deeper Green provides a host of benefits to the operator including:

  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Scalable
  • Fast acting

Flavored CBD Oil for Great-tasting Edible Products

By Editor

Ever taste a home-grown pot or CBD brownies? It smells like compost, tastes like sweet dirt, and oftentimes has a wicked aftertaste. Unless this is what you desire, most everyone agrees that cannabis has a flavor challenge. The holy grail is flavored CBD oil and Green Forest Brand leapfrogs the issue through cutting-edge technology. When…