Water Soluble CBD for Tinctures

What are the Water Soluble CBD Benefits and why are they Better than Oil in Tinctures

Water soluble CBD is the most effective and efficient way for a CBD product to enter your bloodstream. By entering the bloodstream, it provides the healing benefits to the body.

The main hindrance to “CBD oil” is its low bioavailability. Low bioavailability means low CBD transfer into the bloodstream.

For example, when you take a 10mg dose of CBD that is made from oil, then you are looking at a transfer of 20% or less of the active ingredient. That means the body is receiving approximately 2mg of CBD or less.

That is why scientists have been looking for alternatives to increase the percentage that gets transferred.

Solution from Deeper Green™ Scientists – Scientists working on the Deeper Green™ formulations have produced a process to increase bioavailability without side effects.  And making CBD more water-compatible, makes it more bioavailable. For example, a Deeper Green infusion will transfer over 90% of the CBD into the bloodstream. So a 10mg dose will provide 9mg+ of CBD.

Water Soluble CBD for Tinctures


Benefits of Water Soluble CBD in a Tincture

HOKO Holistics uses Deeper Green to infuse their broad spectrum water soluble CBD tincture in a 2oz bottle. There two products are infused with Deeper Green at 300mg and 1,000mg potency.

Potency – All Deeper Green powder is provided by weight. For example, if an infusion was set at 10mg of CBD per edible and production was 10,000 edibles, then an operator would require 100,000mg or 100 grams of Deeper Green.

Benefits of water-soluble CBD – The benefits of Deeper Green water soluble CBD powder are many. HOKO Holistics uses a broad-spectrum CBD formulation contains a range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant, but no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For more information about the HOKO Holistics product, click here.

Water soluble CBD tincture from HOKO HOLISTICS include the following benefits: 

  • Full H2O Diffusion
  • Over 90% bio-available
  • Tasteless
  • Odorless
  • Homogeneous
  • Scalable
  • MADE in USA

Scientific Explanation of How CBD Works in the Body – CBD is hydrophobic in its natural state, which means that it does not mix easily with water. Because of this, it takes as much as an hour to reach the bloodstream. The oil needs to be broken down in the digestive tract and then distributed throughout the body.  At the end of the process, only 20% or less of the CBD is extracted and enters the bloodstream.

About Green Forest Brand – The Green Forest Brand team provides water soluble Hemp powder for CPG brands and water-soluble CBD powder for edible manufacturers for beverages, baked goods and candies. We provide Deeper Green powder by weight. To talk to the Deeper Green Team, click here.


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